"Wow! [Laura] was my rock"

Wow! This lady was my rock. She helped me navigate gestational diabetes, my midwife quitting when I was 30 weeks. She recommended my new midwife and helped calm my nerves during a vulnerable transition. Then when things got real at 35 weeks, she helped keep me calm and in the tight mindset even though my homebirth turned into a hospital birth. She guided my husband through all the contractions, helped me hide in the bathroom when I needed a break from the supportive family. She helped keep me comfortable during the 4 hours of pushing. She helped me nurse my new baby, she came and loved on us at home, and still 19 months later helps when I have mommy questions or when I need feel better oils!! Oh and did I mention my water broke on Father's Day at 35 weeks!!! If my husband ever lets me have another baby she will be one of my first calls.

—Megan | Fort Worth, Texas