Bengkung Belly Binding

Congratulations—you had a baby!

Though postpartum is a season to give yourself much grace, many new mothers find the use of belly binding to provide support as their body journey's back from carrying a little lilac for over nine months. A common practice of Bengkung Belly Binding involves the process of using long, thin muslin fabric to wrap the abdomen from the lower hips to just under the breasts at the rib-cage. The Bengkung method of belly binding is most well-known with many Asian cultures.

What is belly binding?

Belly binding is a process that focuses on supporting a newly postpartum mothers core, lower back, pelvis and pelvic floor. Typically, three-to-four days postpartum one of our trained belly binding specialists visits the new mother. During this time, we show the new mother the belly binding process and walk her through how to continue using the binding technique daily. It is recommended that the the belly bind be worn about 8 hours a day, and taken off during a shower and in the night. 

What are the benefits to belly binding?

Core Support

As many new mothers experience diastasis recti, which is the separation of the abdominal muscles from the growing uterus and baby. The belly binding process helps bring those muscles together during initial weeks after birth, also considered the healing period, to easily support your core. 

Pelvic Support

When a woman is pregnant her body releases the relaxin hormone, which is responsible for the ligaments relaxing and loosening to help the baby move through the pelvis. In addition, relaxin stays in the new mothers body for several months after birth. The belly binding process during postpartum takes advantage of the relaxin still present and helps to put a gentle pressure on the hips and bringing them back to their pre-pregnancy state.

Lower Back Support

The abdominal muscles are directly related to the back muscles. When one is strengthened the other is strengthened and when one is weakened the other is weakened. When these back muscles are not supported it can cause back discomfort and problems. The belly binding process helps to support the core and support the lower back, while helping the new mother with her posture. 

Pelvic Floor Support

Just as the core muscles are interconnected, the pelvic floor muscles are interconnected to the core. As mentioned before, when your core is supported, you are better able to manage tasks and exercises properly.


As new mothers learn the elements of breastfeeding, it is important to be properly positioned so that the baby is brought to the breast versus the breast brought to baby. This means, don't lean forward and strain the neck to feed. The belly binding process can assist with this by simply encouraging your body to have good posture while you feed.

Belly Binding Package | $200

  • Two hour postpartum visit with belly binding process

  • One muslin belly binding fabric - choose from fabric available

  • Option to order own muslin fabric - reduction in price applied