Zygote⁠—Where It All Begins - Be Empowered Birth Series


Zygote⁠—Where It All Begins

Be Empowered Birth Series

What an incredible journey we have been on through the Be Empowered Birth Blog Series. When it comes to birth, information is power, and we have tried to include as much as possible in this special series. So we thank you for joining us along the way, and would love for you to know that you can always reach out for any questions!

In the meantime, we wanted to end the series with where it all began…beginning with the zygote. The zygote is the unification of sperm and an ovum, turning into a fertilized egg.

When we look at conception, it is an incredible element of the female body. There is so much we know today, but still so much to be learned of how each cell forms and grows into the most precious baby. Specifically, the zygote being formed with genes from both parents, which is called a diploid as it contains two sets of chromosomes.  

There was an incredible amount that occurred prior to this moment, but the moment the zygote is formed, begins the next process of cell division, which occurs over a two week period. Once the cell division has occurred, the zygote becomes an embryo and then into a fetus with a beating heart.

Sometimes, things do not go as smoothly as it is written and we experience a loss. And as we are here to help you welcome your baby, we are also here to walk with you in this hard time of the loss of your baby.

Let us know how we can be of support today! Learn about each of our services and allows us to provide you excellent support during your perinatal and postpartum time.