Meet Stacey Ritter


When Nick and I found out we were pregnant, we knew nothing about pregnancy or birth. It was an overwhelming, exciting, but very scary moment. I immediately had so many questions, but we would have to wait almost a month before we would see our doctor for an ultrasound. Nick’s favorite that I asked was “Can I still take a hot shower?” In my defense, I like super hot showers, so it only made sense to make sure! But from the beginning of the journey into pregnancy and birth, everything you know changes, even yourself.


Pregnancy also comes with a long list of questions, but when you begin to research you come to find an overwhelming amount of information that can frequently contradict itself. So, as I began to search for answers to prepare for the birth I desired I begun to learn about options that are of great resource to help you prepare and support you in your birth plan. These options included a doula, natural childbirth classes and a midwife group.

When I interviewed my doula it did not take me long to know she was "the one." There was a calming peace to her presence that even in that first encounter eased many of my fears. Since we were planning a natural birth we decided to take classes that would help us learn about all the elements of labor and comfort measures. And we would change our provider during this journey to a provider that would support all of our birth wishes.

My little lilac, William, came in with a fierce entrance. It was a long and hard labor, and he ended up being in the NICU for a period of time. The first couple weeks are still a blur. Unfortunately, not because of sleepless nights with a newborn baby, but very long days spent visiting William after I had been discharged. Through it all though my birth team was there, a text or phone call away, willing to answer any question.

It was through this journey, although nothing I could have imagined, that my passion for Little Lilacs began. From the moment I found out I was pregnant and everyday I get to be a mother, the passion to help other women and their families journey into one of the biggest moments of their lives, grows deeper. It may be the first or fourth child, but with each of them comes a sense of first love, which is how the name Little Lilacs was found. The Lilac is the symbol for first love!

Since welcoming your little lilac can be an overwhelming time, I wanted Little Lilacs Birth Services to meet any women and their families where they are. I wanted to ensure that they are not only getting the utmost personalized care, but they are receiving up-to-date evidence based information that empowers them to make the decisions best for their family.

I once read a saying that goes, you spend days, months and possibly years planning for your wedding, shouldn’t you do the same for the birth of your child?

To this day, my doula, childbirth educator and midwives hold a special place in my heart. And I hope that I have the opportunity to hold a special place in many new mothers hearts too.

Nick & Stacey Ritter