"Words cannot express how much of a positive difference [Stacey] made in my postpartum experience."

Stacey is absolutely wonderful. She was my postpartum doula last year. Words cannot express how much of a positive difference she made in my postpartum experience. I had an unplanned c-section with serious complications afterward. She supported me (and my family and baby) through some very challenging times postpartum. She is incredibly steady and professional and at the same time amazingly kind and caring and supportive and generous. Her presence in our home was always positive and encouraging and never intrusive. She could anticipate my needs and would bring me food or water or encourage me to sleep when I was fading. She always took initiative and instinctively knew what needed to be done without being asked. I always felt at ease with her - even in some of my darkest and most vulnerable moments. My son loved her too - I never worried about him while I slept. I would have hired her full-time forever if that was an option!

—Emily | Dallas, Texas