"We definitely recommend that you consider Stacey and take advantage of her free consultation."

Stacey was definitely the right doula for us. This was our first pregnancy and we desired a medication-free birth at a birthing center. We had never been through labor before and since we really didn't know what the experience would be like we wanted a person there who we knew, would help us reach our goals, and be there to help us make decisions when things deviated from our birth plan while knowing she is employed by us and there to serve our best interest. We felt comfortable around Stacey. She had knowledge and experience, and we always knew we could approach her and share our fears and struggles. There were some strong fears that we both needed to talk about before it came time for birth. One of our fears was going to the hospital. It was based on some hard previous experiences there, but Stacey was not afraid of the hospital and had experience even with C-sections, the exact opposite of our desired birth plan. It was a source of comfort to have Stacey with us because we knew that in our worst scenario we would have someone who would be unafraid, a calm presence, and would have experience to pull from. When we went into labor it was a bit surreal. We suddenly realized it was happening and we did not feel alone. Stacey was the first person we talked to and it felt so right to have her with us. We were together by 2:30 pm. The three of us worked very hard for many hours and our son was born at 10 that night. We had the natural birth we desired and felt like a team the entire time. On a professional note, Stacey was always punctual to all our prenatal appointments and childbirth education classes. She was also very easy to get ahold of and fast at responding to questions all throughout the pregnancy. She helped us access evidence-based literature, find a pediatrician we felt comfortable with, and had referrals for other healthcare professionals. Even after our post-natal appointment, she still would answer all our new parent question text messages. We definitely recommend that you consider Stacey and take advantage of her free consultation.

—Nathalie | Bedford, Texas